Offering a Wide Range of Learning Program Options

Infant Program –
Birth–15 Mo.

We offer our care services for infants who are provided with their cribs and cubbies. Parents will give us the details for their sleeping schedules, feeding time, and activities, so we can make their days similar to their home schedule.

Toddler Program – 15 Mo–2 Years

Children can explore their classrooms and outdoor playground at our education center. We’ll focus on providing speech and self-help skills for your kids.

During break time, children can nap on their cots. Parents can also provide lunch for their kids. We’ll be happy to reheat it, so your little ones can enjoy eating.

Toddler Preschool – 2–3 years

Our classes for toddler preschool have the best of both worlds. We introduce preschool skills, especially speech, self-help, and toilet training.

Preschool – 3–4 years

Our classroom has areas for children to explore in small groups. Your kids will experience learning in outdoor playgrounds and learn the important skill of interaction and being part of a group.

Pre-K – 4–5 years

We’ll give your children a chance to learn speaking, handwriting, and pre-reading skills with our daily classes. Our curriculum also includes an introduction to computer skills.

School Age – Until Age 10

Children are welcome to have breakfast before the school bus arrives. After school, they are given snacks and outdoor time in the center. They are also welcome to visit on half-days and vacation days.